July 12, 2014


I read this on the "I Dig My Garden" forum - love that name.

"If you give it a gentle tug and it stays put it's a weed. If it comes up, it's a flower."

Which means that I pulled up a bunch of flowers today. But they were taking over the joint.

But, good advice. I like it and I'm going to try it.

flowers, strawberries and herbs, oh my

I am learning all about gardening. Herbs, strawberries and flowers.

Weeds galore in my life. Well, it's also grass. I guess grass is a weed when it's in the garden. Huh. Interesting point.

The herbs were pretty easy, although I think I cut the basil back too much when I was pruning. I cut the tops off instead of just pulling off the leaves and I am pretty sure that was the wrong thing to do.

I also let the tarragon and the thyme flower, also the wrong thing to do.

The sage and the marjoram I planted late so they are small right now. Google also just let me know that I spelled marjoram wrong on the marker I used to identify what is what.

Next I need to learn what to do when I harvest the herbs. I originally hung them upside down and let them dry, then put them into a glass container with a cover. When I opened it, they were growing mold. Yuck. Start over. We are drying some out now in the dehydrator, so hopefully that works better.

I'm waiting patiently for the mint to go crazy in the containers, like I heard it does. Mojitos calling our name, babee.

The strawberry plants the first year are actually growing strawberries, which is exciting. However, the first year, the gardener (that's me!) is supposed to pull off all the flowers and possibly the runners, too. The runners are the daughters of the strawberry plants. It's hard not to just let them grow, but it will make the strawberry patch stronger and healthier and heartier next year.

I need to research it a little bit more because I know for sure I'm supposed to pull off the flowers, but what if they have started to turn into cute little berries? Can I just leave 4, so we can each try one?

Since I am making my own rules, I say yes. I'm keeping 4 strawberries in the patch. Maybe 8, because I bet they are going to be delicious. I'm calling it a scientific experiment.

July 7, 2014

hot. cold. Me in July in New England.

It is so wrong that I have to use my electric blanket because the air conditioner makes me too cold.

June 11, 2014

You've Got Mail

Posting things on craigslist makes checking email exciting again.

May 24, 2014

oh, am I now?

Pandora is playing "Sexy and I know it"

TJ yells "Bad influence!" from the other room.


First I'm too good at the Mother/Son kickball game, now this.

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