April 15, 2014

coffee snob forever

We usually buy good coffee for work. Kona was the last purchase. It was $10 cheaper becUse we bought three bags of whole beans rather than ground.

The last couple of days, someone has been making pots of coffee that tastes like it came from one of those silver urns and should be served in a Styrofoam cup. Yuck.

It is reminiscent of the Italian Camp, or an Elks Lodge or a meeting that you get forced to go to. I've never gone to AA, but I bet they have that coffee there. I'm thinking it is Maxwell House from a big blue can.

All coffee is not created equal and I'm taking a stand.

April 13, 2014

I will swim when I want to swim.

Julia has always done things at her own pace.

So it is no surprise that during her first swim lesson, she sat on the edge of the pool. She did the same things the other kids did though, including sticking her face in the water and blowing bubbles. She also held her breath as she was sitting on the wall. Hey, whatever works.

April 8, 2014

I'm a detective genius

I never return things.

I'm really good at buying items. Not so good at returning them for a refund. If something doesn't work out, I give the item to a friend, or I donate it or I keep it in my closet for a long time, then donate it.

So I was proud of myself when I boxed up two pairs of shoes - one a pair of boots - that had been sitting there FOREVER. Pain in the butt because I had to get the item return number, then I had to get the address to return it to, then I had to wrap up the boots by cutting up a paper bag. Then I had to print out the return number and shove it into the box. Then I had to trek to the post office. None of this is anywhere high on my priority list. It honestly took at least a month. OK, at least two. Maybe more.

I sent it via USPS to the store return place in Ohio. It wasn't pretty, I'm not gonna lie, it was a piecemeal wrapping job, made from two brown paper shopping bags with handles, taped up looking like a 5 year old wrapped it for her mom's Christmas present.

So I sent the damn thing. I saved the receipt. I tracked it via USPS. It took a long time to get to Ohio, but it finally did. So I threw the receipt away. Phew! I did it. I actually returned something.

But no.

When I checked the website a few days later, there was no glorious little announcement telling me about my $200 credit.

What the heck?

So I sent them an email.

No, they said. We never received the returns.


I looked around for the receipt. Couldn't find it anywhere. I'm pretty sure I tossed it after I saw that the package was delivered.

I thought about praying to St. Anthony but I need to save that to help with finding my id when I lose it.

Just now, I had the genius idea of checking my web history. I looked it up, did a USPS search and BOOM! there it was.

I emailed them the number and now we will see what happens. Onto the next thing.

Dear St. Anthony, please help me to find my id.

Oh, was that out loud?

March 17, 2014

Happy Leprechaun Day

The fact that Julia loves this holiday is just precious to me.

The fact that she refers to it as Leprechaun Day? Even better.

Pretty sure Seany the Leprechaun visited last night. Little troublemaker.

March 11, 2014


I am so happy that my trackpad is fixed.

I also feel as though my Mac can do lots of things I don't know about.

March 9, 2014

she makes a lot of sense

Julia calls oven mitts "cooking gloves."

And now, so do I.

February 20, 2014

so mad

I bought coffee mugs on overstock specifically because they were made in USA.

They came in a box with Chinese writing all over it and stamped China on the bottom.


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